30 November 2023

Early Access is Open (Plus a Public Roadmap)

As of today, SleepEasy is serving early access customers on the Basic and Startup plans. During early access, SleepEasy will monitor your site and notify you of issues by whatever means you choose.

SleepEasy’s core idea was to be dead simple for customers, while also providing a lot of advanced monitoring features that just aren’t available elsewhere. Plus, all our checks are backed by an honest-to-God human (that’s me 👋) to ensure we never raise a false alarm. If you get an alert from SleepEasy, it’s because there’s a real issue with your site.

Here are the check types that are ready to run on your site today:

  • Uptime monitoring every 30 seconds
  • Weekly scanning for broken links & images across your site
  • Domain name renewal checks, to alert you before your domain expires
  • SSL/TLS certificate checking, to alert you of issues accessing your site via HTTPS, or of an impending certificate expiration

In addition, for customers on the $99/mo Startup plan, we have:

  • End-to-end login testing twice a day
  • New user signup testing twice a day
  • Email deliverability testing to a number of popular email providers (Gmail, Outlook, etc.)
  • Weekly page style checking

If you’re not on the early access list, you can sign up at the bottom of this page to get started today.


Now that we’re starting to ramp up users on the product, I though it’d be a good time to share my upcoming priorities for SleepEasy, along with an estimate of when I’m aiming to have them ready:

User-facing dashboard for early access customers (Mid-December 2023)

You’ll be able to log in to dashboard.sleepeasy.app and see the status of your site’s checks in real time.

Public-facing demo (January 1, 2024)

Users without a subscription will be able to visit the SleepEasy homepage, enter their domain, and get a demo of SleepEasy checking their site.

WordPress plugin (Late January 2024)

Launch a plugin into the WordPress plugin directory to make it easy to get SleepEasy set up to monitor your site. This is probably going to launch simultaneously with a very limited free plan of some sort so people can try it out.