Hi there!

I’m Tyler Young, the founder of SleepEasy.

I’ve been developing software professionally for over a decade. In that time, I’ve shipped my share of production-breaking bugs, and every one was painful. Those experiences fostered a zeal for continuous integration and delivery, as well as the testing practices that enable it. I’m happiest as a developer when I can count on my CI/CD to save me from bugs before they get to production… when I can ship at 5 pm on a Friday and not have the slightest worry that I’ll be late for dinner.

That passion for testing led to my interest in bugs that can’t be caught by CI. Once you’ve invested enough in your CI, you tend to catch the most egregious errors before they ship. But what we don’t talk about enough are the kinds of issues that CI can’t detect. Misconfiguration, API key issues, and so on can cause production to break without affecting CI. Unless your team is manually testing against prod—and testing areas of the app that aren’t obviously implicated in the changes they’re deploying!—issues in these areas can slip through the cracks.

That was my motivation for starting SleepEasy. I want to help teams catch these kinds of issues quickly, before they’ve lost days or even weeks worth of new users and potentially new revenue.

I’m always interested in talking about the issues that prevent companies from having full confidence in their production systems—especially if you have a particularly hair-raising story of an outage! You can reach out to tyler@sleepeasy.app, or find me on Twitter @TylerAYoung. I’m also on Mastodon @tylerayoung@fosstodon.org.